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Hawaiian Bridal Shower

12 Jan

Last July my bridesmaids threw me a Hawaiian themed bridal shower.  Here is a moodboard that was used for some ideas for the party.

We search the internet for some inspiration, most of the photos were found on pinterest, some can be seen on my party board.  We searched for luau, hawaiian and tropical to find some ideas.

The main colors were magenta, orange and bright green.  I found some bright green vinyl table clothes at Meijer with some of their summer seasonal products.  We found most of the other decorations at party and dollar stores.  We made tissue paper poms to hang from the trees, I think we just used string and tied the poms to tree branches.  Tiki torches were lit around the area.  Family and friends made food to go along with the theme, like pinapple and chicken kabobs.  There were leis and the girls made flower hair clips by hot gluing hair clips from hobby lobby onto hibiscus and orchid flowers they got from the dollar store.  The prizes for the games were in colorful sand buckets.

Made in excel and printed for guests

The girls came up with some fun games they found online and customized for the shower.  One game we played was Bride Bingo, the guests were given a blank bingo card that we made in excel.   Before I opened my gifts guests had to fill in the blanks with gifts they thought I would get then as I opened my gifts they checked off a box if they had it on their card.  Just like bingo whoever filled in a row first and yelled Bingo won a prize.

Another game the girls did was 20 questions.  They came up with 20 questions about my husband and I, some easy some more difficult.  This was also made in Excel and printed for guests, the guests had a few minutes to answer the questions then the bridesmaids took turns reading the questions out loud and had the guests yell out what they thought was the answer.  The guest that got the most questions correct won a prize.  Some of the questions were ‘where did the bride and groom meet?’, ‘where did the groom propose?’, ‘how long have the couple been together?’, ‘what was the bride/groom’s first job?’, ‘what foreign language did the bride/groom take in high school?’, and ‘what is the bride/groom’s middle name?’.

Another fun game played was Purse Raid.  The girls found a list of things that the guests had to find in their purse, the first person to find the item won a prize.  The girls had a list of 10-12 items and throughout the party they would yell out “Purse Raid!” and the item guests were suppose to find.  This way most people will get a prize, I think they had small bottles of lotion for the prize.  Some of the things on the list included a toothpick, keys, child’s toy, lipstick, giftcard, a pen.

The decorations, food and Hawaiian music that we played on my laptop really tied everything together, but it was so great spending time with family and friends.  I can’t wait to throw a bridal shower for my sisters some day 🙂

Here are a couple of photos that were taken during the party

My sisters and I, to the left is the Maid of honor on the right is one of the bridesmaids

Amanda hanging the decorations

Guests talking before the party

The dessert table

Here is the invitation (some information blurred out for privacy reasons) that my Maid of Honor and I designed together

Invite designed by Amanda and I



12 Apr

We have a vacation rental for our honeymoon!!!  After weeks of looking at options we finally made a decision and put down the deposit.  It’s a one bedroom open concept cottage on a 1 acre lot.  The rental is near Sunset Beach on the Hawaiian island, Oahu.  It’s not right on the beach like we wanted but we’re thinking it might be a good thing, we’ll have more privacy and we can bike there anytime we want to, on the provided cruisers!  This rental sounds great and has great reviews.

We were really concerned about being scammed but we’ve had open communication with the owner, read multiple reviews, looked up the address on google maps and talked to our parents before we made our decision.  So if you ever consider getting a vacation rental do lots of research on the property, location and the owner.  We actually thought we found a great one that was right on the beach but when I looked up the owner’s name I found the property listed on multiple Realtor websites, that was a huge red flag for me, I couldn’t risk putting our money into the property and have it sold before we even get there!

To find our rental we looked on VRBO.com and Homeaway.com.  We discussed what amenities were important to us and tried to find rentals that had everything we want.  I feel like we looked at every one and two bedroom on the whole island!  Our rental includes some great amenities, beach chairs, snorkel gear, a gas grill, hammock, washer and dryer, full kitchen, internet access, 2 bikes, it’s been recently renovated and it’s only a 40 minute drive to Honolulu.  We have an idea of what sort of activities we want to do but I’ll write more about that later.


Honeymoon and Hotel Rooms

13 Oct

Next on the to do list is figure out where we’re staying for our honeymoon and we also need to figure out what hotels to put on hold for our guests.  Looking into hotels is going to be some work because of the Green Bay Packers.  If our wedding is during the same weekend as a game then the prices for hotel rooms are almost double the price.  They don’t have the schedule out for next year, it’s based on how each team does this season and who wins the super bowl.  So we have the task of calling around to see if we put some rooms on hold now, for next year, will we get the regular rate even if there is a game.  I’ve heard that most hotels won’t do that for you, but if there are any that will do that, I’m going to find them!

As far as our honeymoon goes, we know that we want to go to Hawaii but that’s all we know.  Where do we go from here?  Neither of us have planned a vacation except for a camping trip to Door County.  Planning a trip to the other side of the country is a little scary.  I guess we just need to do some research.  It seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately.  I can’t believe how much research goes into planning a wedding.  I’ve researched locations, djs, photographers, bakers, florists and now hotels and Hawaii.

Maybe I should look for a job as a market researcher.