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Centerpiece Idea from Green Wedding Shoes

19 Apr

This wedding photo shoot set up by and featured on Green Wedding Shoes is so beautiful!  I love the centerpieces, I think I might use this idea for our centerpieces.



4 Apr

It’s been over a month since my last post!  I’m sorry that it’s been so long, I’ve been busy with wedding details but also with some personal stuff.  A couple of weeks ago my Mom and sister/bridesmaid Gabrielle came to Michigan to visit me!  We worked out a few details here then I drove back to Wisconsin with them to work out a few more details.  The good news is I had a great time visiting with my family, we narrowed down my centerpiece ideas, started working on the pew decor, we booked our honeymoon location, our Save the Dates are printed and I found my veil!  But there has been some bad news too.  We’ve heard some shady things about our reception site, with some searching we found out some information that we are thankful to have found out now and not right before our wedding day!  It sounds like there is a pretty big chance that our location might not be open for much longer.  We’re looking into other options, there’s a great possibility available on our very popular date and we have to make a decision soon!  I honestly don’t know how I am able to be (somewhat) positive about this situation.  I did shed some tears a few times, who wouldn’t after researching almost every reception site in Green Bay to have what I thought was the perfect one fall right in my lap and then find out 5 months before the wedding that we need to change the location!  On top of that we’re having car troubles, expensive car troubles.  Situations like these make me realize how lucky we are to have such great, supportive parents.  Carl’s parents were  the ones who found the bad news, it was/is upsetting but better to know now than later.  Both of our parents are here for us to offer their advice, which we are thankful for.  We’ll be making our decision on a new location soon, I’ll keep you updated!  Be sure to check back in the next couple of days for new posts on the location, our honeymoon and our save the dates!

Mini Tree Centerpieces

16 Dec

I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for the table centerpieces and came across these small cedar trees in square vases, by JL Designs.  Maybe have a small grouping surrounded by candles.  Or we could stick little flowers in the trees.

I love the little dog they put in the photo 🙂

Making my Veil

18 Nov

My Grandma and I are making my veil, she lives in another state so we’ll have to work on it over Thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m still trying to figure out what I want it to look like. When I found my wedding dress the store had a veil that I liked, too bad it was almost $200. It was finger tip length with a scalloped edge and delicate embroidery edging. I think I want to do something similar with a blusher. I was also thinking about doing a fascinator (a small hair piece, kind of like a birdcage veil) to wear during the reception, I would probably wear it after the first dance and cake cutting.

Here are a few images that have caught my eye

Send Off

18 Nov

There are too many options for the send off and pros and cons for each one.
The ones that we are considering are confetti, mini pom poms, bubbles, ribbon and sparklers.
Confetti and mini pom poms would be cute but a pain to clean up. I’m not sure if I like the bubbles or not and if you could even see them at night. Ribbon is trend I’ve seen on a lot of blogs, not sure about this one either, too girly? I really like the sparklers, they look so neat in photos. Is it a little risky? I don’t want to start on fire as we run past everyone :/

Paper Flower Cake Decor

9 Oct

Paper Flowers Cake Topper

These flowers are really fun to make and they look really good in the colors we’re using. I don’t know how well they would do sitting in frosting for a few hours though, wouldn’t the color bleed?


I’m not doing so well on the Unity Candle. I can’t find the sheets of wax, thought I saw them at Hobby Lobby but they don’t have any. I’ll have to think of something else while I keep an eye out for the wax.

Reception Location

14 Sep

After a week in Green Bay meeting with wedding vendors every day, we finally found a location for our reception the day before we left!  It’s called the Black Forest, it’s a very unique restaurant and their food it amazing.  The photographer Molly Marie actually shot at a wedding there and gave me a few photos, they look a lot better than the pictures we took when we were there looking at it.

CJ and both feel like this was meant to be.  We asked every vendor we saw for suggestions on a location and only one person told us about it.  They’re a popular place too, every Saturday in October was taken and only 2 Saturdays were open in September the 2nd and the 10th.  We looked at one more place and then had dinner at the Black Forest, dinner just solidified our decision.  The food was so good and we still get to go in for a tasting before the wedding.  We took the 10th so we’re getting married on 9/10/11! We’re having a little bit of trouble getting the other vendors because of the date but it’s working itself out.