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A lot of catching up to do!

12 Jan

My Husband and I have been married for 4 months!  and I have missed out on so many posts here.  I started to get a little overwhelmed with the wedding and had to quit blogging so I could put all of my energy into the wedding.  Then all of the posts I missed seemed so daunting but I’m ready to update you on everything!  I’ll try to do it all in order starting with the bridal shower my bridesmaids threw me.

Keep checking back for more updates in the next couple of days!



4 Apr

It’s been over a month since my last post!  I’m sorry that it’s been so long, I’ve been busy with wedding details but also with some personal stuff.  A couple of weeks ago my Mom and sister/bridesmaid Gabrielle came to Michigan to visit me!  We worked out a few details here then I drove back to Wisconsin with them to work out a few more details.  The good news is I had a great time visiting with my family, we narrowed down my centerpiece ideas, started working on the pew decor, we booked our honeymoon location, our Save the Dates are printed and I found my veil!  But there has been some bad news too.  We’ve heard some shady things about our reception site, with some searching we found out some information that we are thankful to have found out now and not right before our wedding day!  It sounds like there is a pretty big chance that our location might not be open for much longer.  We’re looking into other options, there’s a great possibility available on our very popular date and we have to make a decision soon!  I honestly don’t know how I am able to be (somewhat) positive about this situation.  I did shed some tears a few times, who wouldn’t after researching almost every reception site in Green Bay to have what I thought was the perfect one fall right in my lap and then find out 5 months before the wedding that we need to change the location!  On top of that we’re having car troubles, expensive car troubles.  Situations like these make me realize how lucky we are to have such great, supportive parents.  Carl’s parents were  the ones who found the bad news, it was/is upsetting but better to know now than later.  Both of our parents are here for us to offer their advice, which we are thankful for.  We’ll be making our decision on a new location soon, I’ll keep you updated!  Be sure to check back in the next couple of days for new posts on the location, our honeymoon and our save the dates!

Project to do list

14 Jan

I’m hoping that, by putting this up online, it will help get me motivated to actually start a project! Aside from getting started I need to work out a budget for my DIY projects, I have no clue as to how much anything is going to cost, let alone what materials I want/need to buy. That’s not the fun part, so I keep putting it off. I like coming up with the ideas and making them, I don’t want to plan what I need and figure out how much it’s going to cost. I guess if I want us to stay in our budget it’s something I’m going to have to do. I think if I tackle one project at a time it will be a little easier.

So, here’s the list of projects. It most likely will change as the Wedding gets closer (239 days!). At least it’s a starting point.

Stationary – Save the Dates, Invites, Programs, Table Numbers, Place Cards
Aisle Runner – With our names and wedding date printed, matching our invites
Pew Decorations – Not really sure what I want yet
Unity Candle –
Decorations for the Church –
Decorations for the Reception – String lights(bought), Fabric to hang? Candles, Photos of us?
Photo Booth – Buy software, Make backdrop, Lighting?
Guestbook – Scrapbook for photos from booth, pens in wedding colors
Props for Photo Booth – Felt and dowels, chalkboard paint, foamcore
Cupcake Tower – Cake Circles or Nice Plates, Styrofoam Cylinder as base or candle stick holders
Cake Topper – Wooden Dolls, Acrylic Paint
Decor for: Cake Table, Gift Table, Fireplace Mantle, Escort Cards
Fascinators – Feathers, Fabric, Netting
Garter – Elastic, Ribbon, Fabric
Jewelry – Beads, Chain, Findings
Boutonnieres? – Not sure if I want the Florist to make them or if I want to do something different
Pillow for the Ring Bearers – Fabric, Ribbon, Stuffing
Basket for Flower Girl – If we decide to have one
Just Married Sign – Paper, Ribbon
Card Box – Boxes, Paper, Ribbon
Send Off – Need to decide what we’re doing – Sparklers?

This is all I can think of right now. It looks like I still have a lot of decisions to make…

Mini Tree Centerpieces

16 Dec

I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for the table centerpieces and came across these small cedar trees in square vases, by JL Designs.  Maybe have a small grouping surrounded by candles.  Or we could stick little flowers in the trees.

I love the little dog they put in the photo 🙂

Honeymoon and Hotel Rooms

13 Oct

Next on the to do list is figure out where we’re staying for our honeymoon and we also need to figure out what hotels to put on hold for our guests.  Looking into hotels is going to be some work because of the Green Bay Packers.  If our wedding is during the same weekend as a game then the prices for hotel rooms are almost double the price.  They don’t have the schedule out for next year, it’s based on how each team does this season and who wins the super bowl.  So we have the task of calling around to see if we put some rooms on hold now, for next year, will we get the regular rate even if there is a game.  I’ve heard that most hotels won’t do that for you, but if there are any that will do that, I’m going to find them!

As far as our honeymoon goes, we know that we want to go to Hawaii but that’s all we know.  Where do we go from here?  Neither of us have planned a vacation except for a camping trip to Door County.  Planning a trip to the other side of the country is a little scary.  I guess we just need to do some research.  It seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately.  I can’t believe how much research goes into planning a wedding.  I’ve researched locations, djs, photographers, bakers, florists and now hotels and Hawaii.

Maybe I should look for a job as a market researcher.

Green Bay Bridal Show

14 Sep

Carl and CJ went to the Bridal Show with me last week, I didn’t even have to beg!  We saw some great vendors and got a few ideas.

There are even more pictures on my flickr page


27 Aug
We’re meeting with 3 different Photographers