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Project: Mercury Glass Vase

18 Jan

I started my first project!

I like the look of mercury glass for candle holders and vases, but I’m having a hard time finding the sizes and shapes that I want.  I attempted to make a faux mercury glass vase.

I bought a kit that has gold leaf, adhesive and sealer.  The kit was only $10 at Hobby Lobby and I had a 40% off coupon.  I would have rather used silver leaf to get the look of mercury glass but they only had the kit with gold leaf, they do sell silver leaf and the adhesive and sealer separately but I wanted to test it out before I put more money into the project.  It was $4 for a jar of sealer or adhesive and $8 for the spray, I think the silver leaf was $10.

To start I washed a clear, cylinder glass vase and dried with a paper towel.  Coated the inside of the vase with the adhesive, the instructions said to let it sit for 30-60 minutes until it was tacky but it only took about 5-10.  Next I tore small pieces from a 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ gold leaf sheet and applied it to the inside of the vase with my fingers.  It’s a little tedious, but I really like how it came out.  I used 3 of the gold leaf sheets to fill in the vase.  The vase is about 5″ tall and 5″ wide.  After I finished putting the gold leaf on I ran my finger along the inside of the vase to break off any loose pieces and make sure everything was pushed down. Then I applied a layer of sealer with a paint brush.  Now I just have to wait until it dries and I can test it out with some water and see how it holds up.  I’m assuming the adhesive and sealer are flammable so if I do this for candles I’ll have to do it on the outside of the glass or find another way of adhering the leaf to the glass.  Here are some photos of the process.


My FI gave me flowers yesterday, he brought them home after work! I took this as an opportunity to test out the gold leaf vase.   Unfortunately the sealer doesn’t do well with water, it looks like it did when I first put it on the vase before it dried clear.  It’s foggy where the water is but fine above the water level. (See photos above)  If I do the gold or silver leaf for vases and candle holders it will have to be done on the outside of the vase.  I’ll try it on a candle holder next.



Project to do list

14 Jan

I’m hoping that, by putting this up online, it will help get me motivated to actually start a project! Aside from getting started I need to work out a budget for my DIY projects, I have no clue as to how much anything is going to cost, let alone what materials I want/need to buy. That’s not the fun part, so I keep putting it off. I like coming up with the ideas and making them, I don’t want to plan what I need and figure out how much it’s going to cost. I guess if I want us to stay in our budget it’s something I’m going to have to do. I think if I tackle one project at a time it will be a little easier.

So, here’s the list of projects. It most likely will change as the Wedding gets closer (239 days!). At least it’s a starting point.

Stationary – Save the Dates, Invites, Programs, Table Numbers, Place Cards
Aisle Runner – With our names and wedding date printed, matching our invites
Pew Decorations – Not really sure what I want yet
Unity Candle –
Decorations for the Church –
Decorations for the Reception – String lights(bought), Fabric to hang? Candles, Photos of us?
Photo Booth – Buy software, Make backdrop, Lighting?
Guestbook – Scrapbook for photos from booth, pens in wedding colors
Props for Photo Booth – Felt and dowels, chalkboard paint, foamcore
Cupcake Tower – Cake Circles or Nice Plates, Styrofoam Cylinder as base or candle stick holders
Cake Topper – Wooden Dolls, Acrylic Paint
Decor for: Cake Table, Gift Table, Fireplace Mantle, Escort Cards
Fascinators – Feathers, Fabric, Netting
Garter – Elastic, Ribbon, Fabric
Jewelry – Beads, Chain, Findings
Boutonnieres? – Not sure if I want the Florist to make them or if I want to do something different
Pillow for the Ring Bearers – Fabric, Ribbon, Stuffing
Basket for Flower Girl – If we decide to have one
Just Married Sign – Paper, Ribbon
Card Box – Boxes, Paper, Ribbon
Send Off – Need to decide what we’re doing – Sparklers?

This is all I can think of right now. It looks like I still have a lot of decisions to make…

Mini Tree Centerpieces

16 Dec

I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for the table centerpieces and came across these small cedar trees in square vases, by JL Designs.  Maybe have a small grouping surrounded by candles.  Or we could stick little flowers in the trees.

I love the little dog they put in the photo 🙂

Purple Obsession

11 Dec

I thought we finally figured out what color the girls would wear, then I saw 2 posts on Style Me Pretty where the bridesmaids were wearing purple dresses, now I feel like I have this obsession with purple.  I had to go and look for more weddings that used purple in their color scheme.

Purple Dresses on SMP I

Purple Dresses on SMP II

Purple Board from Brooklyn Bride

Purple Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes


9 Dec

I’m going to try to get together with the girls over Christmas to do some wedding projects and planning.  Fascinators are the main thing that I want to work on with them.

Here’s the description of what a fascinator is on Martha Stewart Weddings

Bigger than a barrette, a fascinator is a hair accessory that’s worn to the side and is often made of feathers, flowers, or wisps of fabric. The fun, fanciful ornament is often embellished with crystals, beads, or loops of ribbon, and attaches via a comb or headband; some have a small, stiff, flat base that can be secured with bobby pins.

So since the girls will be wearing black dresses the fascinators can be more colorful, something that goes along with the flower color scheme.  Like magenta, purple or green.

Here are some fascinators I found on Etsy,  I’ll have to look for the links and post them later.

Send Off

18 Nov

There are too many options for the send off and pros and cons for each one.
The ones that we are considering are confetti, mini pom poms, bubbles, ribbon and sparklers.
Confetti and mini pom poms would be cute but a pain to clean up. I’m not sure if I like the bubbles or not and if you could even see them at night. Ribbon is trend I’ve seen on a lot of blogs, not sure about this one either, too girly? I really like the sparklers, they look so neat in photos. Is it a little risky? I don’t want to start on fire as we run past everyone :/

Save the Date Font

10 Oct

I’ve been playing around with different fonts, colors and the wording for our Save the Dates.  I want to add a pattern to the final design too.