Dresses for my Bridesmaids

20 Apr

We decided on bridesmaids dresses awhile ago but I never shared them with you!  We decided to go with long dresses, when we started I thought that I would like the cocktail dresses but I think we all actually like the long dresses the best.

Picking the dress was quite the adventure.  We looked a little at David’s Bridal when I bought my dress, then we met in Illinois and went to some lame prissy store, then we went to David’s Bridal,  also in Illinois.  I fell in love with the Barry Jay Chiffon dresses that they had at the prissy boutique, we looked the designer up online later to see if we could get the dresses in Wisconsin anywhere.  The girls went to a boutique in Wausau, WI to try on some Barry Jay dresses and sent me some photos.  My mom and sister, Gabrielle, drove out here for a visit and we tried looking at dresses again.  We went to another lame prissy boutique, I hate bridal boutiques, I feel like they are judging me.  I guess they can tell that we don’t want to put a ton of money into the bridesmaids dresses, we like getting a good deal!  So, when we saw that the Barry Jay dresses were around $200 we decided to take another look at Davids Bridal.  I really loved the Barry Jay dresses but I don’t want to make my sisters pay that much for a dress.  So I took another look at the photos we took of the dresses the girls tried on, looked on the Davids Bridal website and went back to DB to look at the dresses again.  I made my decision and e-mailed the girls.  They’re on board! So, the dress we chose is the Long Jersey Dress with Charmeuse  Straps and Waist in the Lapis color (dark purple).

I think the dresses will look great with the grey suits that the guys are going to wear.  The bouquets that they will carry are similar to the picture to the left.  Their bouquets will have more fuchsia with purple and green accents.

My fiance and I are going to Wisconsin for Easter.  We’re doing our taste testing at our new reception location and we will be looking at suits for the guys, I’ll post some photos.


2 Responses to “Dresses for my Bridesmaids”

  1. Philippe Le Phan May 15, 2011 at 7:34 PM #

    I stumbled upon your website while searching for “tie clip skinny tie”. Weird. Anyways I browsed through your site and your doing an amazing job. I can relate to someone like you, i’m getting married in July and I did the whole website thing. Its alot of work, but I keep telling myself that after the wedding i’ll be looking at it and i’ll be so happy to look back at the preparation stage. Anyways, love your site and I wish you the best for your wedding.

    PS. i’m also wearing a grey suit with black tie. Hope your party looks great!

    • moderndaysoiree May 16, 2011 at 7:54 AM #

      I love the grey suits and black ties! Thank you! I didn’t know if anyone besides my Mom and Bridesmaids were reading this 🙂
      I need to be better about posting, but I’ve been putting off some wedding stuff for awhile. I agree, I bet I’ll keep looking back at this blog after the wedding.
      Do you have a link to your site? Good luck with your wedding planning, I wish the best for your wedding too!

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