12 Apr

We have a vacation rental for our honeymoon!!!  After weeks of looking at options we finally made a decision and put down the deposit.  It’s a one bedroom open concept cottage on a 1 acre lot.  The rental is near Sunset Beach on the Hawaiian island, Oahu.  It’s not right on the beach like we wanted but we’re thinking it might be a good thing, we’ll have more privacy and we can bike there anytime we want to, on the provided cruisers!  This rental sounds great and has great reviews.

We were really concerned about being scammed but we’ve had open communication with the owner, read multiple reviews, looked up the address on google maps and talked to our parents before we made our decision.  So if you ever consider getting a vacation rental do lots of research on the property, location and the owner.  We actually thought we found a great one that was right on the beach but when I looked up the owner’s name I found the property listed on multiple Realtor websites, that was a huge red flag for me, I couldn’t risk putting our money into the property and have it sold before we even get there!

To find our rental we looked on and  We discussed what amenities were important to us and tried to find rentals that had everything we want.  I feel like we looked at every one and two bedroom on the whole island!  Our rental includes some great amenities, beach chairs, snorkel gear, a gas grill, hammock, washer and dryer, full kitchen, internet access, 2 bikes, it’s been recently renovated and it’s only a 40 minute drive to Honolulu.  We have an idea of what sort of activities we want to do but I’ll write more about that later.


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