Reception Location

14 Sep

After a week in Green Bay meeting with wedding vendors every day, we finally found a location for our reception the day before we left!  It’s called the Black Forest, it’s a very unique restaurant and their food it amazing.  The photographer Molly Marie actually shot at a wedding there and gave me a few photos, they look a lot better than the pictures we took when we were there looking at it.

CJ and both feel like this was meant to be.  We asked every vendor we saw for suggestions on a location and only one person told us about it.  They’re a popular place too, every Saturday in October was taken and only 2 Saturdays were open in September the 2nd and the 10th.  We looked at one more place and then had dinner at the Black Forest, dinner just solidified our decision.  The food was so good and we still get to go in for a tasting before the wedding.  We took the 10th so we’re getting married on 9/10/11! We’re having a little bit of trouble getting the other vendors because of the date but it’s working itself out.

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