11 Aug

Theres a company that will take pictures of your guests during the reception and print them out right away like photobooth only it’s just the photographer, their camera and a backdrop. Your guest keeps one copy of the photos and the other can go in your guest book. I really want to do this but the rate for the booth is $1,000. This includes travel from Madison/set up, 3 hours of photo booth time(the time can be split up), two attendants, unlimited pictures and a personalized DVD with all of the pictures.
Way too much for my budget, so I’m trying to come up with ideas that we could do on our own or maybe get our photographer involved?
I found two programs for PCs one is $600 the other is $150. I think you set up a laptop with a webcam and printer and your guests would use the laptop to take the pictures. The only problem is I don’t want something to happen to our laptop and stuff. Maybe I can have someone in charge of the photobooth? I really just want a program that allows you to print the photos as a photo strip with out all the bells and whistle the other programs have.
Anyone have any ideas?

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