Location Location Location!

7 Aug

If only I could find one!  I think maybe I’m being too picky. 

We want a modern wedding with lots of light, maybe outside.  I’ve seen some beautiful weddings on blogs that were held in a courtyard or on a rooftop, I want something like that.  I can only imagine what their budget was, probably 10 times what ours is. 

So how do I pull off a $100,000 wedding on a$10,000 budget?  My plan is to visit a whole bunch of vendors to get an idea of how much this could cost us.  Then put  most of the budget toward our priorities which are location, photography, food and decor.  I also really want a nice video, but that isn’t a must.  Whatever is left over will go to the rest of the budget.  I plan on doing a lot of projects too, like the decorations.  I’m on etsy and wedding blogs all the time getting ideas.  If we can find the right location then I won’t have to do much. 

Here’s what I’ve been looking at:

Lambeau Field Atrium http://www.lambeaufield.com/book_your_event/weddings/  They have a really nice area for weddings that over looks the football field, I’m sure most of our guests would enjoy it.

KI Convention Center http://www.ki-cc.com/weddings.aspx It would be a banquet room, something we both don’t want ,but we could have the ceremony and reception here and it’s a hotel so guests wouldn’t have to drive if they have a room there

The Marq http://www.the-marq.com/weddings-on-site-menus An outdoor ceremony in front of a gazebo (not really our taste) or under the trees

We were also thinking of having the Ceremony at St Francis Xavier Cathedral http://www.sfxcathedralgb.org/Documents/Menu/1149.pdf where Carl’s parents got married but I’m not catholic and I don’t want a catholic ceremony. I don’t know what their rules are, if he’s catholic can we still get married there?

If we have the ceremony at a church then there are a few restaurants that I bookmarked and still have to look into.

I guess the only way to decide is to go and see the location and discuss prices.  This makes it difficult living in Michigan! I’ll have to plan a trip to Wisconsin and visit as many vendors as I can.

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